we address the key findings identified from history and examination to develop together a treatment strategy related to your needs.

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Sophie Leroy Chiropracteur - Paris 8
Sophie Leroy Chiropracteur - Paris 8

Back pain, disc herniation, adhesive capsulitis, tendonitis, patellofemoral pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, hip osteoarthritis, and other mechanical disorders of locomotor system are common reasons for consultation.

We determine a concrete goal like a daily task success, a return to sport, or a performance improvement to work on.

We accelerate the recovery process with manual therapy and suggest stabilisation when appropriate.

We follow your progression and reevaluate your physical capacity while progressively increasing the demand to reach your goal with confidence.


60 minutes
80 euros
Cheque and cash


Please note that sessions are not covered by social security. You will receive a facturation that can be sent to your complementary insurance if you are elligible for a reimbursement.