your chiropractor uses different methods to speed up the recovery healing phase.

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Functional movement assessment is used to precisely determine a lack of mobility or stability in your body.

Motion palpation is used by your practitioner to quickly scan the dynamic of your joints in association with manipulative therapy.

Working with active release technique helps to restore movement between nerves, muscles, and tendons with benefits on their function.

Moreover, dynamic stabilization helps to reinforce the benefits achieved with manual therapy for long term improvement.

functional movement systems

A movement based diagnostic system to help in screening your weak links. Very helpful for the continuity of care.

active release technique

A renowned worldwide treatment technique often considered as a first choice for soft tissue injuries like ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves.

dynamic neuromuscular stabilization

Based on developmental kinesiology, postural stabilisation is used in therapy and sport performance to improve posture and movement competency.

motion palpation institute

Dynamic motion palpation provides expertise to master the biomechanics of joints and their specific manipulative corrections.